The link between our sense of smell and pleasure is truly a human experience and it can transport us to a wonderful place. Within seconds the aroma reaches the part of our brain responsible for processing both pleasure and memory*.

This is why fragrance is so effective at enhancing our moods, creating a sense of belonging and making life more pleasurable. The aroma we choose to permeate our space quickly becomes embedded in the memory of any we chose to share that space with.

Life's simple everyday events will become pleasurable, memorable beautiful moments*. The founder of Mummy Loves is a leading maternity nurse/sleep consultant for babies and has spent the last thirty years caring for babies of Royalty, high profile clients and many other lovely new parents throughout the World.

Her theory is based on babies requiring security and continuity, therefore she introduced an essential oil to her nurseries from day one encouraging a calm and peaceful environment allowing the babies to recognise instantly the safe surroundings of their nursery and encouraging sleep.

Our beautiful candles make perfect baby shower gifts for mothers and babies


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*Mummy Loves candles are specially crafted from years of care and experience, however your experience may differ.

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